GRANDE FINALE & Gratitudes

This is it!

1 september 2017

Friday 20:43

Dune of Pilat



It’s been amazing 39 days of colorful adventure and the feeling i am having now is very unique. I was waiting quite a long time for this trip and now i am ,realizing that it’s over, feels a bit strange, honestly.

Here you go! a small resumé

I went through different kind of situations which ensured for me those unforgettable emotions which you can not get staying in comfort zone.

It was pretty though emotionally, probably because of loneliness and being gone, but still i enjoyed it a lot.

Technically everything went smoother that i hoped for. Even these two inner tubes that i took with me in case of a flat tire are still with me. I was perfectly equipped.

Physically? Seems like I am in a good shape. 😀

One learning from the tour.

If you are willing to access something more exceptional in terms of emotions, feelings or thoughts, plan something crazy (even if it feels nuts and you are really not sure about it). Afterwards, everything that’s left is just to jump in! Experience will educate you as no one else could.


So, here i am, sitting in Dune and falling somewhere deep in my mind… Waiting for my University year to start.




And now…



I would like to show my greatest gratitude to


Materia Bikes Team

for bicycle and support.

Especially to Martins Zemitis for making this whole journey possible.

These bikes are seriously amazing. Unique design and perfect performance that creates an excellent combination so you can enjoy your ride entirely and my whole travel just proves it once again. We went through all possible weather conditions together – from wet and dirty days, riding on sandy, rocky and bumpy surfaces in forests to a desert heat temperature when being on a field where all you can see is a never-ending asphalted roadway. All that stuff was just our ordinary routine all along the voyage and we did great.

French Institute in Latvia // Institut français de Lettonie

For support, for information sharing and the amazing backpack provided to me!

Especially to Gilles Bonnevialle

French Institute, is surely one of my favorite places in Riga. It is the place where we can enjoy French culture, language, and vibe in general.


My Grammar Team (aka English specialists)

Rudolfs Vanags

Kristians Spiss

and my dear Mom

for doing text corrections for this blog.

(i remind you that it is not so easy to write, when sitting half wet in a humid tent :D)

To everyone, who i met trough my journey, that made all these days so colorful.

When having long time in Munich

Markus, Valentin and Lukas from Austria. Vanesa and her two brothers Vincent and Cedric from Swiss. Damian and Jake from Canada and United States.

On my way

Large thanks to my french teacher – Alice and her family who nicely welcomed me by letting me rest some days in french country side of Bourgogne.

Julie, very enthusiastic cyclist from Germany. We cycled and had a great time together.

Margot, my host sister that kindly hosted me in Marseille and endured my stay at she’s place.

To almost everyone that i met on my way, that made these days so enjoyable.

To family, friends and everyone else…

I would like to say huge thanks to everyone who paid attention and helped me by no matter what, sometimes even a little text message saying: “Where the hell are you!?” made me smile.. 🙂


I already have plans for next summer. I’ll give you a little hint

70° 58′ 41″ N25° 58′ 29″ E 

(Norway, Nordkapp

But this time i won’t do it alone. Although i found traveling alone quite exciting and relaxing at the same time Norway would be too cold for me alone. So if you are enthusiastic traveler/cyclist and seeking for REAL adventures in Norway, let me know!


Happy, satisfied and thankful.

Rihards Gaitnieks




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