GRANDE FINALE & Gratitudes

It's been amazing 39 days of colorful adventure and the feeling i am having now is very unique. I was waiting quite a long time for this trip and now i am ,realizing that it's over, feels a bit strange, honestly.


Vite-fait Marseille!

Two news - I am in Marseille and I took a bit of train, because of two reasons - a storm and my schedule. So I am having a little "passage" in Marseille and tomorrow I am leaving to Montpellier and after that to my final destination - Bordeaux and Dune du Pillat. 11 days... Continue Reading →

La France. C’est beau!

Cycling, cycling and more cycling. Time as always goes fast and i am already in France. I chopped a big part from Switzerland mostly because of mountains, but also for economical reasons, it is as beautiful, as it is expensive, seriously... I still have to survive whole month of August. It's been three nights since... Continue Reading →

too much mountains..

Day 12It's getting really tough. i wasn't expecting so much mountains already here in Germany. Although it's beautiful it is difficult to climb but even more difficult to go down because of my fixed gear... and no brakes. I am seriously considering to change my route a bit and go up to north of France/Germany.... Continue Reading →


Time moves fast and this day came so quickly! Already yesterday I hopped on the bus with so many thoughts running through my mind about what and how is going to happen. Nevertheless, this marked the beginning of my journey and also the story yet to be told. I departed from Riga on 25th of... Continue Reading →

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